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Today: February 24, 2018

Myross Wood House

Myross Wood is a Retreat and Spirituality Centre animated and led by a community of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart. In our communion as brothers, we live our faith in the compassionate love of Jesus of Nazareth, Son of God, Risen from the dead, the Anointed One. At the same time, we are sent into the world to proclaim the Good News of the love and kindness of God our Saviour and to bear witness to it in the whole of our lives.

As a Christian Sprituality centre, our focus is on the growth of the spiritual life of faith and loving trust in God. This involves issues of human development, opening the heart to self-knowledge and integration of all life's resources for living and loving relationships with others and with God. It also involves issues of healing through forgiveness, letting go things that do not help and being reconciled with others. The fruit of this journey is a deeper peace and joy, and a greater capacity for engaging with life.

We welcome all those who come here in search of a deeper life of prayer, of faith and loving communion with God, and a greater freedom of heart for engaging with others in everyday life. Even though we are not in a position to offer residential accomodation to large groups of people, there is always the possibility for individuals or a few people to come and enjoy the peace and beauty of Myross Wood. Please feel free to come and walk in the gardens and in the woods. We will continue with all the day and evening activities of the Retreat Centre.

Various Events

Various Events and Courses

Garden Fete

Our annual Garden Fete will take place on Sunday 13 August. From 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm, there will be entertainment with instrumental music and choirs, dancing, exotic animals to the delight of children, a dog show, activities for children, various stalls, tea rooms, raffles and the opportunity to enjoy the grounds and gardens in Myross Wood. Come and enjoy a pleasant afternoon with your family and friends.

The Liturgy

We celebrate the liturgy during the course of the year, in all the variety of the seasons, both climatical and liturgical. The daily Eucharist draws a great number of people to Myross Wood. We like to make the most of the liturgy, which is the great source of nourishment in the faith of the people of God. It helps them grow in their understanding and joyful commitment to God and to the world. They bring their own intentions, their own reasons for praying, and we invite them to take an active part in the daily and weekly liturgy, also giving special recognition to the mysteries that unfold during the course of the year.

Adult Education in the Faith

Adult Studies in the Faith are ongoing. Beginning on Monday, 4th September, we continue  each Monday to  introduce people to a deeper knowledge of the Holy Scriptures. We have journeyed through the Pentateuch, the Prophets and the Wisdom Books of the Old Testament. We now continue our reading of the Gospels, taking up the Gospel according to John and the Letters of the New Testament during the coming year. We all help each other to get a deeper understanding and appreciation of the word of God.

Our sessions are from 7.30 to 9.30 p.m.

Diocesan Meetings

The Diocese of Cork and Ross uses the meeting rooms and other facilities of Myross Wood for the presentation of their courses of ongoing formation in the faith. The people enjoy these opportunities for developing their understanding of their faith, asking questions, and discussing topical and relevant issues with one another.

Cultural and Recreational Activities

Various groups of people come together to further their interests, either on a regular way or on occasion. The GROW organization, which promotes the mental and emotional health of its members, meets here every Thursday night. A Prayer Group, interested in practicing the John Main meditation method, meets on Monday night. The Actively Retired Group of Castlehaven Parish, animated by a parish committee, holds a congenial meeting every second Thursday afternoon.

Local Church Meetings

Meetings of the clergy, of the pastoral area representatives, of parish assemblies and councils take place regularly in Myross Wood. As a result, especially warm ties have grown up between us and the parishes of the diocese, especially of the Ross Deanery. As the need arises, we return the favour, when we are called upon to help out in the liturgy of the parishes around us.